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“Come to Professionals You Can Trust”

Hearing Aids and Professional Hearing Healthcare Services

Newtone Hearing Center is committed to patient satisfaction through patient understanding. Our patients demand high quality hearing aids that deliver superior speech recognition and minimize background noise. We deliver it!

Our hearing specialist takes the time to understand your needs and deliver the best hearing aid at the best price available from the industries top hearing aid manufacturers.

Newtone Hearing Center is a preferred provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida and we are a provider for United Healthcare. We serve customers throughout southwest Florida from our Port Charlotte location.

  • Hearing evaluation and consultation
  • Hearing instrument dispensing
  • Cleaning and repairs for all makes in our onsite repair lab
  • Custom hearing protection and earmolds
  • Hearing aid accessories and batteries
  • Assistive listening devices and the best amplified phones
  • Service and repair warranties
  • Loss and damage insurance on all new instrumentation at no extra charge
  • Offer 1 year supply of batteries with purchase

Hearing Loss

Loss of hearing affects over 30 million Americans of all ages. Hearing loss can range from being very mild in nature, resulting in not hearing faint, high pitched sounds or voices, to impairment that is so severe very loud noises may not be detected.

As with most other health problems, early detection allows for more effective intervention. In some cases, hearing loss is medically treatable and may be improved. In cases where the hearing loss is permanent, hearing aids are a form of treatment that allow for compensation of the hearing loss. Early detection and intervention also offers a means of support for both the hearing impaired person and his family with the social and mental burdens often associated with hearing loss.